Sentence Examples with the word analytical

In the former the author sets forth the analytical process by which the laws he discovered were deduced from facts.

The quantitative precipitation of metals by the electric current, although known to Michael Faraday, was not applied to analytical chemistry until O.

In expounding these, he gives throughout the pure result of analytical observation of the common moral consciousness of his age.

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Those engaged upon the work were divided into three sections: the first consisted of five or six mathematicians, including Legendre, who were engaged in the purely analytical work, or the calculation of the fundamental numbers; the second section consisted of seven or eight calculators possessing some mathematical knowledge; and the third comprised seventy or eighty ordinary computers.

In the same way, in the case of a figure in three dimensions, analytical geometry is concerned with the form of the surface, while analytical mensuration is concerned with the figure as a whole.

Such is the basis of the algebraical or modern analytical geometry.

The Mecanique celeste is, even to those most conversant with analytical methods, by no means easy reading.

Crookes, Select Methods in Analytical Chemistry).

The analytical society thus formed in 1813 published various memoirs, and translated S.

In analytical invention, and mastery over the calculus, the Turin mathematician was admittedly unrivalled.