Sentence Examples with the word analyse

Of his Manuel d'ornithologie, which appeared in 1820, an Analyse du systeme general d'ornithologie.

His first publication, in 1819, a translation of the Analyse du fruit of L.

In the optical examination we may, if we prefer it, polarize the primary light; but it is usually more convenient to analyse the scattered light.

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Therefore, it seems to be, with our present knowledge, a hopeless task to analyse the branchial organs of Arthropoda and to identify them genetically in groups.

Com pounds .-A chemical compound contains two or more elements; consequently it should be possible to analyse it, i.e.

He made no pretence to be a searcher of hearts and frequently declines to analyse motives.

It is no part of the present subject to analyse the political, religious and social interests of that struggle.

Aristotle apparently intended, or at all events has given logicians in general the impression, that he intended to analyse syllogism into propositions as premises, and premise into names as terms. His logic therefore exhibits the curious paradox of being an analysis of mental reasoning into linguistic elements.

But it is often thought without being expressed, and to judge the syllogism by its mere explicit expression is to commit an ignoratio elenchi; for it has been known all along that we express less than we think, and the very purpose of syllogistic logic is to analyse the whole thought necessary to the conclusion.

Organic Analysis: Hans Meyer, Analyse and Konstitutionsermittlung organischer Verbindungen (1909); Wilhelm Vaubel, Die physikalischen and chemischen Methoden der quantitativen Bestimmung organischer Verbindungen.