Sentence Examples with the word analecta

One of the best known is the Austrian legendary (De magno legendario Austriaco in the Analecta Bollandiana, xvii.

Wimmer (1842-62) and in Usener's Analecta Theophrastea.

To realize the present state of hagiology, the Bibliotheca hagiographica, both Latin and Greek, published by the Bollandists, and the Bulletin hagiographique, which appears in each number of the Analecta Bollandiana (see Bollandists), must be consulted.

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Pitra, Analecta Sacra, i.

His first publication, in which he was assisted by Jacques Loppin and Antoine Pouget, was the first volume of a nevercompleted series of previously unpublished Analecta graeca (1688).

Lorenzo e it supplicio della graticola (Rome, 1900); Analecta Bollandiana, xix.

Besides numerous library catalogues published in the Analecta (e.g.

Mobius in his Analecta norroena (2nd ed., 1877); at the same time he gave it in German in Dr Hommel's Aethiopic publication.

Periodicals: Analecta juris pontificii, ed.

Chaillot (1863-1889); Analecta ecclesiastica (since 1893); Acta Sanctae sedis (since 1865); Archiv fiir kathol.