Sentence Examples with the word anaemia

In weakened conditions of the system from improper or insufficient food, or as a result of any drain upon the body, or in anaemia from any cause, and in such diseases as syphilis or malaria, neuralgia is a frequent concomitant.

For different types of anaemia see the article BLOOD, section Pathology.

The second theory is that there is no absorption of iron given by the mouth, but it acts as a local stimulant to the mucous membrane, and so improves anaemia by increasing the digestion of the food.

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In certain forms of anaemia the administration of iron rapidly improves the blood in both respects.

He believes that inorganic iron saves the organic iron of the food by combining with the sulphur, and improves anaemia by protecting the organic food iron.

Lead poisons the muscular and nervous systems, and gives rise to paralysis, wasting, colic and other symptoms, while in the case of mercury, tremors, salivation, anaemia and very marked cachexia are induced.

The respiratory rhythm is less frequent and the breathing less deep; the heart-beat is less frequent; the secretions are less copious; the pupil is narrow; in the brain there exists arterial anaemia with venous congestion, so that the blood-flow there is less than in the waking state.

In certain forms of anaemia it increases the number of the red corpuscles and also their haemoglobin content.

The well of effervescent chalybeate water is largely resorted to for anaemia and as a tonic. A peat bath, similar to those at Franzensbad in Bohemia, has also been established.

Iron waters are used in anaemia and the affections which are frequently associated with it.