Sentence Examples with the word anaconda

The principal cities are: Butte, whose population increased from 10,723 in 1890 to 30,470 in 190o; Great Falls (1900) 14,930; Helena, the capital (woo) 10,770; Anaconda (1900) 9453.

It was in 1882 while Marcus Daly was sinking a shaft at Anaconda in preparation for milling gold and silver ores that he discovered the first rich copper ledge.

The Reptilia include countless numbers of alligators in the Guayas and its tributaries and in the tide-water channels of many of the smaller rivers; many species of lizards, of which Mr Whymper found three in the Quito basin; snakes of every description from the huge anaconda of the Amazon region down to the beautifully marked coral snake; and a great variety of frogs and toads.

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In the huge Anaconda plant, for example, in which 150 tons of refined copper can be produced daily by the Thofehrn multiple system (not the jet system alluded to above), there are 600 tanks about 84 ft.

Among the non-venomous species, the commonest are the boa-constrictor, the anaconda (Eunectes murinus) and the ih'.

Per ton of copper higher under the series than it is under the multiple system; but against this, it must be remembered that the new works of the Baltimore Copper Smelting and Rolling Company, which are as large as those of the Anaconda Copper Mining Company, are using the Hayden process, which is the chief representative of the several series systems. In this system rolled copper anodes are used; these, being purer than many cast anodes, having flat surfaces, and being held in place by guides, dissolve with great regularity and require a space of only a in.