Sentence Examples with the word anabasis

The Pisidians are not mentioned by Herodotus, either among the nations that were subdued by Croesus, or among those that furnished contingents to the army of Xerxes, and the first mention of them in history occurs in the Anabasis of Xenophon, when they furnished a pretext to the younger Cyrus for levying the army with which he designed to subvert his brother's throne, while he pretended only to put down the Pisidians who were continually harassing the neighbouring nations by their lawless forays (Ahab.

Here the gravelly desert is characterized by cushion plants, such as Anabasis aretioides; by switch plants, such as Retama Retam; and specially by spiny plants, such as Zizyphus Lotus and Zilla macropteris; whereas succulent plants are rare.

The most important of Arrian's original works is his Anabasis of Alexander, in seven books, containing the history of Alexander the Great from his accession to his death.

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English translations: Anabasis, Rooke (1812); Anabasis and Indica, E.

Roos, i., containing the Anabasis (Teubner series, 1907).

In Xenophon's Anabasis it is mentioned as in the kingdom of the Thracian prince Seuthes.

The history of Cyrus and of the retreat of the Greeks is told by Xenophon in his Anabasis (where he tries to veil the actual participation of the Spartans).