Sentence Examples with the word an education

They give an education similar to that offered in the lyces for boys with certain modificationsin a curriculum of five or six years.

It appoints an education committee in accordance with a scheme approved by the Board of Education.

Her whole energies seem henceforth devoted to academic pursuits; the military training of her youth was superseded by courses in philosophy and rhetoric; the chief organs of administration, the revived Areopagus and the senior Strategus, became as it were an education office.

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I'm going to get an education and a decent job.

They are industrious, frugal and intelligent; the richer among them are excellent men of business and are peculiarly equitable in their dealings; the majority of all classes can read and write their own script, and the second generation acquires an education of an European type with great facility.

I cannot but think that if we had more true wisdom in these respects, not only less education would be needed, because, forsooth, more would already have been acquired, but the pecuniary expense of getting an education would in a great measure vanish.

After a two days' session the legislature was prorogued until May 1908, when the chief measure submitted by the government was an education bill designed to foster the knowledge of the Dutch language.

Cobden was an alderman of the newly formed Manchester corporation, and Bright went to ask him to speak at an education meeting in Rochdale.

I could provide for Molly... maybe get an education for both of us; I'm not as smart as Molly but I'm not stupid.

It was an inevitable result of such an education that Mill acquired many of his father's speculative opinions, and his father's way of defending them.