Sentence Examples with the word amply

But that he was sufficiently alert as the principal adviser of the elector the results of his labours in that capacity amply prove.

For merely general readers Buchon's or Michaud's editions of Joinville will amply suffice.

Open inspection of the papers amply confirmed Judge Babington's conclusions and stirred the public conscience.

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When this is done, the revenues to be farmed are put up to public auction and sold to the highest bidder, provided he can prove himself amply solvent and produce sufficient sureties.

The system of regulation by central boards was severely .criticised for incompetence and even for corruption, and sometimes justly; but on the whole it was amply justified by the urgent necessities of the times and by its results.

While the Roman cults were amply protected by taboos, there was no comprehensive term in Roman law for religious violations and profanations in general.

These achievements won him a reputation for high courage, which, until the close of 1688, was amply deserved.

North-west of Dublin; it is amply furnished with astronomical instruments.

The treason trial which opened at Zagreb in March 1909 pursued the parallel aims of intimidating the Serbs of Croatia, of splitting the new-found unity of Serb and Croat and of proving to the outside world the existence of a dangerous Pan-Serb movement organized from Belgrade inside the monarchy and amply justifying the countermove of annexation.

That Huc was suspected unjustly was amply proved by later research.