Sentence Examples with the word amplify

You can turn someone else's energy into yours and amplify it.

But they have also most obvious defects: they are unquestionably the books of an old man who had thought much as well as spoken and written often on the themes he discusses, yet who had finally put his material together in haste at a time when his mind had lost, if not its dialectic vigour, yet its freshness and its sense of proportion; and who had been so accustomed to amplify the single stages of his argument that he had forgotten how much they needed to be reduced to scale and to be built into an organic whole.

When the sequence of differences is not such as to enable any of the foregoing methods to be applied, it is sometimes possible to amplify the data by measurement of intermediate ordinates, and then apply a suitable method to the amplified series.

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Israel, and to amplify everything which redounded to their credit.

Able to draw off the magic of those around her, she could amplify and redirect it.

This - to try to bring unity and harmony into the scattered thoughts of our general culture, to trace them to their primary assumptions and follow them into their ultimate consequences, to connect them all together, to remodel, curtail or amplify them, so as to remove their apparent contradictions, and to combine them in the unity of an harmonious view of things, and especially to investigate those conceptions which form the initial assumptions of the several sciences, and to fix the limits of their applicability.

If you already have a large amount of productivity, technology will amplify it.

This book he continued to amplify and improve in the light of further research; the last edition appeared in 1902.

Dumas, who has drawn from this passage one of his very best scenes in Vingt ans apres, has done little but throw Retz into dialogue and amplify his language and incidents.

The tendency to amplify and complete the story shows itself still more in the Cyclic poets.