Sentence Examples with the word amphitheatre

Arles still possesses many monuments of Roman architecture and art, the most remarkable being the ruins of an amphitheatre (the Arenes), capable of containing 25,000 spectators, which, in the 11th and 12th centuries, was flanked with massive towers, of which three are still standing.

Remains of the ancient city walls and of an amphitheatre still exist, and a number of inscriptions have been found there.

Some arcades of the amphitheatre (the diameters of which are 282 ft.

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The lake is seen at one view, within an amphitheatre of mountains of varied outline, overlooked by others of greater height.

Near the amphitheatre was found in 1838 the famous statue of Sophocles now in the Lateran museum.

There are considerable remains of an aqueduct, an amphitheatre and a theatre (the latter excavated in 1880 - see Notizie degli scavi, 1880, 290, 35 0, 379), all of which belong to the imperial period, while in the hill on which the village of S.

Scanty remains of buildings of Roman times (an amphitheatre and a so-called basilica) exist in the upper part of the town; and outside it on the S.

In the neighbourhood of the theatre traces have been found of a hippodrome; and statues, bas-reliefs and ruins of an amphitheatre also serve to show the importance of the Roman town.

Though these have vanished wholly from the surface, the foundations and lowest courses of their walls survive fairly perfect below ground: thus the plan of North Ate ' 'Feet ' 'too too 400 w Amphitheatre ' 'Postern ' '0 Tem- ' 'East ' 'Gate 11 - forum, yielded some interesting inscriptions which relate to a gild (collegium) and incidentally confirm the name Calleva.

Bhuj, the capital of the state, is situated inland, and is surrounded by an amphitheatre of hills, some of which approach within 3 or 4 m.