Sentence Examples with the word amphipoda

In some Amphipoda the secretion of glands on the body and limbs is used in the construction of tubular cases in which the animals live.

A few Isopoda are known from Secondary rocks, but their systematic position is doubtful and they throw no light on the evolution of the group. The Amphipoda are not definitely known to occur till Tertiary times.

Among the Malacostraca some Schizopoda, the Cumacea, Tanaidacea, Isopoda and Amphipoda (sometimes grouped all together as Peracarida) have a marsupium or brood-pouch formed by overlapping plates attached to the bases of some of the thoracic legs.

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Many of the Amphipoda are extremely voracious.

In certain Copepoda and Ostracoda glands of the same type produce a phosphorescent substance, and others, in certain Amphipoda and Branchiura, are believed to have a poisonous function.

Their appearance in the air-breathing Arachnids does not separate those forms from the water-breathing Arachnids which are devoid of them, any more than does their appearance in certain Amphipoda separate those Crustaceans from the other members of the class.

In the Decapoda three pairs are thus modified, and in the Tanaidacea, Isopoda and Amphipoda only one.

For example, in the Amphipoda (fig.