Sentence Examples with the word ammonium

The nitrate of this base (known as nitron) is so insoluble that nitrates may be gravimetrically estimated with its help. These bases combine with the alkyl iodides to yield quaternary ammonium salts.

Chem., 1848, 44, P. 301), or by long fusion of a mixture of ammonium molybdate, potassium carbonate, and boron trioxide (W.

The oxide films (the metallic one in the case of mercury) are tested with hydriodic acid, and with ammonium sulphide, and from the changes produced the film can be determined (see F.

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These are washed with ammonium chloride until the filtrate is colourless, ignited, fused with caustic potash and nitre, the melt dissolved in water and nitric acid added to the solution until the colour of potassium ruthenate disappears.

To do this, saturated ammoniacal liquor is decomposed by lime in the presence of steam, and the freed ammonia is passed into strong sulphuric acid, the saturated solution of ammonium sulphate being carefully crystallized.

By adding ammonium chloride to the solution, evaporating in vacuo, and then volatilizing the ammonium chloride, anhydrous ferrous chloride is obtained.

The distillate obtained was diluted with one hundred volumes of ligroin (previously purified by shaking with fuming sulphuric acid) and then shaken for one or two hours with sulphuric acid (using ten volumes of acid to one volume of the distillate), the acid layer diluted with water, neutralized by lead carbonate and the lead salt again distilled with an equivalent quantity of ammonium chloride.

The precipitate is shaken with ammonium carbonate, which dissolves the arsenic. Filter and confirm arsenic in the solution by its particular tests.

In the first stage the ammonium compounds are oxidized to nitrites by the agency of very minute motile bacteria belonging to the genus Nitrosomonas.

Rawson, by the conversion of pure ammonium bichromate into the trioxide (Journal of Chem.