Sentence Examples with the word amide

Both it and the amide decompose water readily with formation of ammonia and caustic potash.

When heated to redness the amide is decomposed into ammonia and potassium nitride, NK 3, which is an almost black solid.

Cyclo-heptene, C 7 H 121 is obtained by the action of alcoholic potash on suberyl iodide; and from cyclo-heptane carboxylic acid, the amide of which by the action of sodium hypobromite is converted into cyclo-heptanamine, which, in its turn, is destructively methylated (R.

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CYANAMIDE, NC NH 2j the amide of normal cyanic acid, obtained by the action of ammonia on cyanogen chloride, bromide or iodide, or by the desulphurization of thio-urea with, mercuric oxide; it is generally prepared by the latter process.

One was obtained in the form of its amide by the reduction of benzamide in alkaline solution with sodium amalgam (A.

In the case of Scenedesmus acutus it is said that the alga is unable to take up nitrogen in the form of a nitrate or ammoniacal salt, and requires some such substance as an amide or a peptone.

Amino-cyclo-heptane (suberylamine) is obtained by the reduction of suberone oxime or by the action of sodium hypobromite on the amide of cycloheptane carboxylic acid.

Or by heating the amide salts of the alkyl dithio-carbaminic acids, viz., NR CS S(NH 3 R).

Mohr, Ber., 18 9 8, 3 1, p. 2 493), or by the action of bromine and caustic soda on the amide of nicotinic acid (F.

UREA, or Carbamide, Co(NH2)2, the amide of carbonic acid, discovered in 1773 by H.