Sentence Examples with the word amicably

The controversy with Spain was amicably settled by the treaty of San Ildefonso (1777); and further industrial and educational reforms were inaugurated, chief among them being the foundation, in 1780, of the Royal Academy of Sciences.

In 803 and 810 he made a treaty with Charlemagne, by which the limits of the two empires were amicably fixed.

We chatted amicably around the oak table, laughing at each other's stories.

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In igoi he married the Swedish actress Harriet Bosse, from whom he was amicably separated soon afterwards.

When they returned later, Donald Ryland was with them, chatting amicably with both of them.

This caused a disagreement between Alabama and the United States authorities; although it was amicably settled, it engendered a feeling that the pulicy of the national government might not be in harmony wD.h the interests of the state - a feeling which, intensified by the slavery agitation, did much to cause secession in 1861.

The good understanding was so complete that a disagreeable incident in the Sandwich Islands, in which the injudicious conduct of a French agent very nearly precipitated hostilities, was amicably settled; and the ministry had the satisfaction of knowing that, if their policy had produced prosperity at home, it had also maintained peace abroad.

The territorial exchanges were amicably agreed upon; the relations between the Indian and Afghan governments, as previously arranged, were confirmed; and an understanding was reached upon the important and difficult subject of the border line of Afghanistan on the east, towards India.

Talked amicably with all unbelievers, if one may trust Arabic accounts, and he achieved by mere negotiation the recovery of Jerusalem, for which men had vainly striven with the sword for the forty years since 1187.

The dispute which led to the duel with Emile de Girardin was one of small moment, and might have been amicably arranged had it not been for some slight obstinacy on Carrel's part.