Sentence Examples with the word americana

The chief of these was the American Cyclopaedia, which as the New American Cyclopaedia - so named to distinguish it from Francis Lieber's Encyclopaedia Americana - was issued, under the editorship of Ripley and Charles A.

His writings include: The Plain Doctrine of the Justification of a Sinner in the Sight of God (1659) and Antisynodalia Scripta Americana (1662).

There are biographical sketches of President Chauncy in Cotton Mather's Magnalia Christi Americana (London, 1702), and in W.

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The latter are usually constructed from the tough fibre of the Agave americana and consist of one or more cables.

The most familiar species is Agave americana (see fig.), a native of tropical America, the so-called century plant or American aloe (the maguey of Mexico).

The American parasite described by Stiles, and called Uncinaria americana (whence the name Uncinariasis for this disease) differs slightly from the Ankylostoma.

The American hornbeam, blue or water beech, is Carpinus americana (also known as C. caroliniana); the common hophornbeam, a native of the south of Europe, is a member of a closely allied genus, Ostrya vulgaris, the allied American species, 0.

Corylus rostrata and C. americana of North America have edible fruits like those of C. Avellana.