Sentence Examples with the word american military

Its quarters were in the old convent of Santo Domingo until 1900, when the American military government prepared better quarters for it in the former Pirotecnica Militar, near El Principe.

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No use was made of American military force save as a passive background to the government.

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In early days Mexican and American military detachments escorted the caravans on either side of the international line.

Arrangements were perfected for the termination of the American military occupation of Cuba and the inauguration of a Cuban Republic as a virtual protectorate of the United States, the American government having arranged with the Cuban constitutional convention for the retention of certain naval stations on the Cuban coast.

The first Cuban congress met on the 5th of May 1902, prepared to take over the government from the American military authorities, which it did on the 10th of May.

The American military authorities found that the most extraordinary measures for cleansing the city - involving repeated house-to-house inspection, enforced cleanliness, improved drainage and sewerage, the destruction of various public buildings, and thorough cleansing of the streets - although decidedly effective in reducing the general death-rate of the city (average, 1890-1899, 45.83; 1900, 24.40; 1901, 22.11; 1902, 20.63; general death-rate of U.S. soldiers in 1898, 6794; in 1901-1902, 7.00), apparently did not affect yellow fever at all.

He died believing 1728) was given greatly improved facilities, especially of material equipment, by the American military government, and seems to have begun an ambitious progress.