Sentence Examples with the word amenities

The deaf and the blind find it very difficult to acquire the amenities of conversation.

The amenities of Phoenix Park were enhanced in 1905 by the purchase for the crown of land extending along the Liffey from Island bridge to Chapelizod, which might otherwise have been built over.

Its amenities awoke both the enthusiasm and the scorn of many writers of antiquity.

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The new nationalism of 1848 did not deprive the Jews of political rights, but it denied them both the amenities of friendly intercourse and the opportunity of distinction in the university, the army and the professions.

It had many fine buildings and most of the amenities of a European town.

In the choice of these spots two motives seem to have influenced him - the neighbourhood of a university or college, and the amenities of the situation.

A few pieces of political satire show us French and English exchanging amenities on their mutual shortcomings.

Appeared in 1841 under the title of the Amenities of Literature..

But, excluded though they were from most trades and occupations, confined to special quarters of the city, disabled from sharing most of the amenities of life, the Jews nevertheless were gradually making their escape from the ghetto and from the moral degeneration which it had caused.

After the amenities were put to rest, Fred casually mentioned they were interested in Mr. Cleary, on Bascomb Place.