Sentence Examples with the word ameliorate

The police wanted to ameliorate the consequences of crime and disorder and the fear of crime within local communities.

A solution to ameliorate the negative impact of these areas is needed.

While expressing admiration for the signs which had come under its notice of the advance of civilization in the Congo State, the commission confirmed the reports of the existence of grave abuses in the upper Congo, and recommended a series of measures which would in its opinion suffice to ameliorate the evil.

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There are several biologically plausible reasons why zinc may help to ameliorate the symptoms of the common cold.

The proposal's goal was to ameliorate the effects of traffic - the wider the channel the better.

He wanted to ameliorate the present suffering.

It was not until the French Revolution that any steps were taken to ameliorate their lot, but to-day they no longer form a class, but have been practically lost sight of in the general peasantry.

The last duke of Charost, Armand Joseph de Bethune (1738-1800), French economist and philanthropist, served in the army during the Seven Years' War, after which he retired to his estates in Berry, where, and also in Brittany and Picardy, he sought to ameliorate the lot of his peasants by abolishing feudal dues, and introducing reforms in agriculture.

She wanted to ameliorate the situation.

The policy of the government is to leave the Andamanese alone, while doing what is possible to ameliorate their condition.