Sentence Examples with the word ambiguous

Ariamnes (68-53) played an ambiguous part.

On the other hand, if the exception be taken to exclude all questions which, when decided adversely to a state, impose a restraint on its freedom of action, then the exception would seem to exclude such a question as the true interpretation of an ambiguous treaty, a subject with which experience shows international arbitration is well fitted to deal.

His ambiguous conduct, however, led to the despatch of two expeditions against the Mirdites and the devastation of their territory.

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Having been appointed by Pompey to the command in Greece, in obedience to an ambiguous oracle he crossed over to Euboea, where he died about 48, before the battle of Pharsalus.

In the Priestly Code, c. 409 B.C., there is no reference to angels apart from the possible suggestion in the ambiguous plural in Genesis i.

Very ambiguous nature of Elisha's reply (viii.

It is difficult to form a clear idea of this, first, because his influence was perpetually traversed by opposite tendencies; in the second place, because the force of circumstances compelled him, again and again, to shift his standpoint; and finally because personal considerations largely intermingled with his foreign policy, and made it more elusive and ambiguous than it need have been.

The record of the failure of such approaches is among the least ambiguous lessons history teaches us.

He seemed uncomfortable without the usual casket before him but was quite skillful in referring to Jeffrey Byrne's present status in sufficiently ambiguous terms as to not quite acknowledge Byrne was dead.

Another supposition is that the author of the Liber Pontificals gives the papal interpretation of a grant that had been expressed by Pippin in ambiguous terms; and this view is supported by the history of the subsequent controversy between king and pope.