Sentence Examples with the word amazing

The election was marked by an amazing outflow of caricatures and squibs, by weeks of rioting in which Lord Hood's sailors fought pitched battles in St James's Street with Fox's hackney coachmen, and by the intrepid canvassing of Whig ladies.

It was an amazing announcement and He plainly added that their path like His own lay through death to life.

The rapid and amazing success of the Mahratta confederation rendered it the largest Hindu power that ever existed in India.

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The year of his consulship (63) was one of amazing activity, both administrative and oratorical.

Where transgenesis offers the most amazing possibilities is in GM foods because it allows plants to exceed their maximum genetic potential.

The world is becoming more educated at an amazing rate.

But her frank recklessness, her generosity, her invariable good temper, her ready wit, her infectious high spirits and amazing indiscretions appealed irresistibly to a generation which welcomed in her the living antithesis of Puritanism.

At the apex of the pyramid stands John of Antioch, Chrysostom, who in 387, at the age of 40, began his 12 years' ministry in his native city and in 399, the six memorable years in Constantinople, where he loved the poor, withstood tyranny and preached with amazing power.

It was amazing how someone could be so perceptive at one moment and clueless the next.

I couldn't hazard a guess how the killer might trace our friend but he'd certainly displayed amazing ingenuity in the past.