Sentence Examples with the word amassing

The Council can't talk any sense into A'Ran, and they're amassing this ginormous army to destroy him.

These perverts were mostly to be found among nobles desirous of amassing church property, or among those of the clergy who clamoured for communion in both kinds.

Kris never sent him away, Sasha wouldn.t have stumbled upon the immunity blood, and the demons wouldn.t be amassing an army to send to the human world.

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He was not a financier of genius; but he administered the public moneys with the same probity and exactitude which he used in managing his own, retrieving alienated property, straightening accounts, balancing expenditure and receipts, and amassing a reserve in the Bastille.

The folly of absorption in the amassing and enjoyment of wealth is also shown (xii.

This gave him an opportunity for amassing wealth by sharing the booty of the robbers in return for leaving them alone.

Nothing is known of his early history beyond the fact that, after amassing a small competence as a popular lecturer on natural philosophy, he settled in Edinburgh to live a very retired life in the society of his apparatus alone.

He was state's attorney for Hartford county from 1777 to 1785, and achieved extraordinary success at the bar, amassing what was for his day a large fortune.

According to VelleIus Paterculus and Pliny, he was a hypocrite and cared for nothing but amassing wealth.

The chief motive for these accusations was no doubt the desire of amassing wealth,' since by the law of majestas one-fourth of the goods of the accused, even if he committed suicide in order to avoid confiscation (which was always carried out in the case of those condemned to capital punishment), was assured to the accuser (who was hence called quadruplator).