Sentence Examples with the word amass

In these circumstances there grew up in Rome a class of wealthy ' men, whose sole occupation it was to amass large fortunes by speculation,' and who found a most lucrative field of enterprise ' in state contracts and the farming of the public revenues.

Although he was imprisoned in the Luxembourg during the Terror, he took no part of any importance in the Revolution, but profited by it to amass a little fortune by land speculation - not on any selfish account, however, as he said, but to facilitate his future projects.

The Greeks form a floating population of merchants and small traders, anxious to amass a fortune and return home.

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It let her amass an army unlike any that had ever existed and showed her the key to victory.

A Jesuit father, John Bolland, was appointed to carry on the project, and was sent to Antwerp. He continued to amass material, and extended the scope of the work.

In spite of the check to their trade received from the emperor Manuel in 1171, Venetian commerce continued to flourish, the Venetian fleet to grow and the Venetians to amass wealth.