Sentence Examples with the word amalgamated

These were finally amalgamated in 1861 into the National Bible Society of Scotland.

The two companies amalgamated as the United Telephone Company Ltd.

Trans., 1892) by pressing them between plane amalgamated surfaces of metal.

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These two have been amalgamated and appear as the Bibliotheque universelle et revue suisse.

The Grafschaft became thus merely a bundle of rights inherent in the soil; and, the count's office having become his property, the old counties of Gauen rapidly disappeared as administrative units, being either amalgamated or subdivided.

There are, nominally, about 200 railways, but about one-half of these, comprising five-sixths of the mileage, have been amalgamated into four great systems: the Grand Trunk, the Canadian Pacific, the Canadian Northern and the Intercolonial; most of the others have been more or less consolidated.

Cowper Coles has suggested aluminium cathodes; Andreoli has recommended cathodes of iron and anodes of lead coated with lead peroxide, the gold being removed from the iron cathodes by a brief immersion in molten lead; in the Pelatan-Cerici process the gold is amalgamated at a mercury cathode (see also below).

It is situated on the Irrawaddy on the opposite bank to Sagaing, with which it was amalgamated in 1889.

By about 1870 various small societies had grown up with the purpose of advancing the cause of women's suffrage, and in 1896 these were amalgamated under the name of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies, Mrs. Fawcett in 1907 becoming the president of this movement.

By the treaty of Venloo, signed on the 7th of September 1543, Gelderland was now definitely amalgamated with the Habsburg dominions in the Netherlands, until the revolt of the Low Countries led to its partition.