Sentence Examples with the word alors

Many writings are attributed to Richelieu, although owing to his habit of working with substitutes and assistants it is difficult to settle how much of what passes under his name is authentic. Les Thuileries, La Grande Pastorale, Mirame, and the other plays, over whose fate he trembled as over the result of an embassy or a campaign, have long been forgotten; but a permanent interest attaches to his Memoires and correspondence: Memoire d'Armand du Plessis de Richelieu, eveque de Lucon, ecrit de sa main, l'annee 1607 ou 1610, alors qu'il meditait de paraitre d la cour, edited by Armand Baschet (1880); Histoire de la mere et du fill (i.e.

Its etoient probablement alors bien differens de ce qu'ils sont aujourd'hui.