Sentence Examples with the word aloes

Thorny acacias, euphorbias and aloes are still, however, found in patches on the plains.

The juice of the leaves of certain species yields aloes (see below).

The most valuable vegetable products are aloes and the dragon's-blood tree.

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Aloin is preferable to aloes for therapeutic purposes, as it causes less, if any, pain.

Of several fibre: yielding plants the so-called aloes of the orders Amaryllidaceae and Liliaceae are common.

Several kinds of aloes are distinguished in commerce - Barbadoes, Socotrine, hepatic, Indian, and Cape aloes.

Orchids and aloes are common.

Rocella tinctoria, Lecanora, and formed by fusing extract of aloes with potash.

The pill of iron and aloes (B.P.) is designed for this purpose.

Some fine aloes or agaves are also found.