Sentence Examples with the word alnus

Nana); two species of Alnus (glutinosa and incana); the oak (Q.

Includes Betula (birch) and Alnus (alder).

A stem of Alnus fruticosa, 90 ft.

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Among the other noticeable plants may be mentioned Betula (3 species), Alnus (2 species), Carpinus, Fagus (4 species), Salix (4 species), Populus (2 species), Platanus, Liquidambar, Planera, Ulmus (2 species), Ficus (2 species), Persoonia, Laurus (5 species), Persea, Sassafras, Cinnamomum (5 species), Oreodaphne, Diospyros (2 species), Andromeda, Magnolia, Acer (3 species), Sapindus, Celastrus (2 species), Rex (4 species), Rhamnus (3 species), Juglans (5 species), Carya (2 species), Rhus, Myrtus, Crataegus, Prunus, Cassia (3 species).

Pseudoplatanus) are somewhat rare; the black alder (Alnus glutinosa) lines the banks of the rivers and canals, and the Alnus incana is common.