Sentence Examples with the word almoner

The office of hereditary grand almoner is now merely titular.

He was successively councillor of the parlement of Grenoble, secretary to the king, almoner to Marie de' Medici, abbot of Aulnay and finally, in 1606, bishop of Sees.

He preached at the coronation of Queen Anne and became her almoner and confidential adviser in matters of church and state.

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Educated by the Jesuits in Paris, he entered the priesthood, and became in 1679, through the influence of Cardinal Bonzi, almoner to Maria Theresa, queen of Louis XIV., and in 1698 bishop of Frejus.

Made him royal almoner of the galleys.

In the same year he gained a footing at court as almoner to Madame.

His first appointment had been as almoner to Queen Catherine Parr, then wife of Lord Seymour; and he peached her funeral sermon in September 1548.

Made Wolsey his almoner immediately on his accession, and the receipt of some half-dozen further ecclesiastical preferments in the first two years of the reign marks his growth in royal favour.

He was now firmly established in the favour of the king, who gave him successively the abbacy of St Severin, in the diocese of Poitiers, the office of almoner to the dauphiness, and in 1685 the bishopric of Lavaur, from which he was in 1687 promoted to that of Nimes.

A procession is formed in the nave, consisting of the lord high almoner representing the sovereign, the clergy and the yeomen of the guard, the latter carrying white and red purses in baskets.