Sentence Examples with the word allium

In these cases the base may give off lateral stipulary processes, as in Allium and Alyssum calycinum.

Unio, liberally unity, oneness, applied to a large pearl and to a species of onion), Allium Cepa (nat.

In this connection, it is interesting that in the east of England with the lowest summer rainfall of this country, many common sciophytes are absent or rare in the woods, such, for example, as Melica uniflora, Allium ursinum, Lychnis dioica, OxalsY Acetosella, and Asperula odorata.

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RAMSONS, in botany, the popular name for Allium ursinum, a bulbous plant 6 to 18 in.

It contains 22 genera, the largest of which Allium has about 250 species-7 are British; Agapanthus or African lily is a well-known garden plant; in Gagea, a genus of small bulbous herbs found in most parts of Europe, the inflorescence is reduced to a few flowers or a single flower; G.

The Welsh Onion or Ciboule, Allium fistulosum, is a hardy perennial, native of Siberia.

The Tree Onion or Egyptian Onion, Allium Cepa var.

The Potato Onion, Allium Cepa var.

Knoblauch), Allium sativum, a bulbous perennial plant of the natural order Liliaceae, indigenous apparently to south-west Siberia.