Sentence Examples with the word alliteration

Hopkins also employed alliteration in many of his poems.

These were without rhyme or rhythm, but had alliteration and a parallelism resembling Hebrew poetry.

The fragments show fondness for alliteration and playing upon words, skill in the use of rustic and farcical language, and a considerable amount of obscenity.

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The chief faults of this were excess of ornament, antithesis, alliteration and assonance, monotony of rhythm, and the insertion of words purely for rhythmical effect.

Such artifices are not in themselves greater clogs on poetic expression than the excessive alliteration of old Saxon verse or the strict rhymes of modern lyrics.

Metrically, the poem is characterized by frequent alliteration imposed upon the rhymed octosyllabic couplet: - Welcome, louerd, god of londe Godes sone and godes sonde (ii.

There is also found that love of alliteration which is a marked feature in all the older Latin poets down even to Lucretius.

This is called alliteration and it's a useful tool in the poet's tool box.

List the alliteration in the poem and comment on the effect this has on the overall poem.

But people whose love of literature is more independent find it hard to take Wagner's poetry and prose seriously, unless they have already measured him by his music. He effected no reform in literature; his meticulous adherence to the archaic alliteration of the Nibelungenlied is not allied with any sense of beauty in verbal sound or verse-rhythm; and his ways of expressing emotion in language consist chiefly in the piling-up of superlatives.