Sentence Examples with the word allegory

It was under these conditions that Spenser gave his romantic epic to the world, a poem which derived its allegory from the middle ages, its decorative richness from the Italian Renaissance, its sweetness, purity, harmony and imaginative splendour from the most poetic nation of the modern world.

Were we disposed to make the allegory of the eighth day, their's would not be the proper mode of it.

In its original form the poem was the dramatization of a specific and individualized story; in the years of Goethe's friendship with Schiller it was extended to embody the higher strivings of r8th-century humanism; ultimately, as we shall see, it became, in the second part, a vast allegory of human life and activity.

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And Margaret Tudor, in which the heraldic allegory is based on the familiar beast-parliament.

But then there's Animal Farm, perhaps the best known political allegory ever written.

The allegory of the cave is supposed to explain this.

His curious encyclopaedic work, entitled Satyricon, or De Nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii et de septem Artibus liberalibus libri novem, is an elaborate allegory in nine books, written in a mixture of prose and verse, after the manner of the Menippean satires of Varro.

The chief argument relied upon by those who still find allegory at least in ch.

We must explain this legend, then, on these principles, and not as an allegory of the dawn as the dawn appears to civilized people.

It served as an allegory of a dangerous political history of the first half of the twentieth century.