Sentence Examples with the word allegedly

His mate was allegedly no longer dying of a tumor, even if he couldn't figure out what secrets she hid, and his newfound independence left him wary of the Immortal Laws but no longer enslaved by them.

Betsy read a notice on the Internet a day later that the culprit was beaten and in serious condition, after allegedly resisting arrest.

She'd never let him blood bind her, but he wasn't someone who took no for an answer, even if it was allegedly voluntary.

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Her only interruption was when Dean described the bones Fitzgerald had allegedly located.

It was allegedly her translator and emitted a low-level hum similar to the walls.

He provided details on the hotel, time and room number where the man allegedly stayed.

The room was allegedly the most comfortable Hell had to offer.

Xander was everywhere, from posters on the wall, stacks of books he'd allegedly written, even a red carpet entrance flanked by adoring female fans and photographers.