Sentence Examples with the word all the way

He hated cats, but he carried the kitten all the way to the kitchen and back simply to show her one.

The whole of Damian's history, his forefathers', all the way to the Beginning, when spirits milled without purpose before the Original Beings shaped the universe into something much greater.

She evidently understood that VERY was the name of the new thing that had come into her head; for all the way back to the house she used the word VERY correctly.

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His conversation with Cece Baldwin bothered him all the way back to Parkside.

Behind it, sixteen cars were jammed together all the way back to the highway.

All signs of the palace were swept away, replaced by neat lines of apple trees that ran all the way to the beach beyond.

She giggled all the way up.

I heard Quinn say yesterday that flight to Santa Barbara was full so maybe he drove all the way into Los Angeles to pick them up.

When the sea is very smooth visitors may be rowed directly into the cave, but the more usual landing-place is near the Clamshell Cave, where the columns have been worn down until they form a kind of terrace running all the way to Fingal's Cave.

He kissed her below the earlobe and then left a hot trail of kisses all the way to the crevice between her breasts.