Sentence Examples with the word all over

Numerous fragments of obsidian arrow-heads and chips are also found in and near them all over the island.

Steep and rugged ravines intersect the plains, opening into small bays or coves on the shore, fenced with masses of compact and cellular lava; and all over the island are found products of volcanic action.

As their reputation grew he travelled all over the country, delighting large audiences with his quaint humour and natural pathos.

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Then I half-wake to find a naked body all over me.

She recognized tips came in all over the country; giving rise to her feeling there might be many different tipsters.

I'd have blown my brains all over the wall months ago if I didn't have him to give me a hard time.

In Germany, Ips and Passau on the Danube, and Gross Almerode in Hesse, are the best known localities producing fireclay goods, the crucibles from the last-mentioned place, known as Hessian crucibles, going all over the world.

The commercial process was patented in 1890 by MacArthur and Forrest, and is now in use all over the world.

A burst of childish laughter greets my blunder, and the pantomime begins all over again.

Oh, she is sometimes gone for several weeks on her hunting trips, and if we were not tied we would crawl all over the mountain and fight with each other and get into a lot of mischief.