Sentence Examples with the word alive

The instincts she'd ignored at seeing Logan alive grew louder.

So deeply wounded was the hero by these calumnies that when in 1619 he was sent against the Turks he publicly declared that he would never return alive unless victorious.

According to the traditional account he was flayed alive and then crucified with his head downwards, at Albanopolis in Armenia, or, according to Nicephorus, at Urbanopolis in Cilicia.

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He'd only learned the woman he fell for last week was still alive and now he had to let her go.

They are still deprived of all political rights, they are denied any voice in the government of the country, they are taxed far above the requirements of the country, the revenue of which is misapplied and devoted to objects which keep alive a continuous and wellfounded feeling of irritation, without in any way advancing the general interest of the state.

Bound hand and foot he was thrown alive into a mould in which a block of concrete was about to be made.

No Immortal alive had a good opinion of the deity, and the mocking way she spoke about Gabriel infuriated Deidre.

Now that she was alive again and survived Darkyn, the hardest part was over.

The poor man was obliged to issue a special almanac to assure his clients and the public that he was not dead: he was fatuous enough to add that he was not only alive at the time of writing, but that he was also demonstrably alive on the day when the knave Bickerstaff (a name borrowed by Swift from a sign in Long Acre) asserted that he died of fever.

He died on the 15th of May 913, one tradition saying he was struck by lightning, and another that he was thrown alive by the devil into the crater of Mount Etna.