Sentence Examples with the word alimentary tract

The alimentary tract consists of a straight tube running from the mouth to the anus without any convolutions; it is separable into three divisions: (I) a muscular oesophagus, which is often provided with cuticular teeth; (2) a cellular intestine; and (3) a short terminal rectum surrounded by muscular fibres.

The larva is also armed anteriorly with a median piercing probe and a pair of sharp hooks by means of which it perforates the walls of the alimentary tract and makes its way into the body cavity, lungs or liver.

Valves of the Shell of alimentary tract altogether, and must Cytherea (one of the Si be regarded as a special and peculiar palliate Isomya), from the development of the median anterior part pa dorsal aspect.

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A pair of ducts (ai) lead from the first enlargement of the alimentary tract called stomach into a pair of large digestive glands, the socalled liver, the branches of which are closely packed in this region (af).