Sentence Examples with the word aligned

The rest of the freaks collected by Sasha, Rhyn's half-brother who aligned himself with the Dark One, were quiet on the cell block.

He watched as Mansr expertly organized the evacuations and aligned the space battle to keep the Yirkins' attention off the ships fleeing the planet's surface for the nearest moon, Kiera.

Sasha betrayed the others and aligned with the Dark One.

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Army had advanced at various points beyond the limits laid down by Cadorna, and in these sectors the army was aligned for offensive action.

And it may be admitted that the tendency to push the infantry too far forward was a necessary consequence of the policy which had left the guns aligned as for an offensive.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of white tents were neatly aligned outside the wall.

Iris army was in the main aligned for attack.

It was ranged by varying the charge, and layed for line by means of a line and plumb bob Laying aligned on a picket.

It was said two of them turned on the others, aligned with evil, and only Andre had the power to kill any of the others.

Most remarkable of all, the Roman Catholic churches, in this strong, hold of exiled Puritanism where Catholics were so long under the heavy ban of law, outnumber those of any single Protestant denomination; Irish Catholics dominate the politics of the city, and Protestants and Catholics have been aligned against each other on the question of the control of the public schools.