Sentence Examples with the word alfalfa

Barley and oats are grown for forage, but for this purpose alfalfa has become the staple, and without it the mountain packtrains could not be maintained.

A great mass of pale-green foliage is usually composed of the algarrobo trees, while the course of the river is marked by lines or groups of palms, by fine old willows (Salix humboldtiana), fruit-gardens, and fields of cotton, Indian corn, sugar-cane and alfalfa (lucerne).

A few rodents have increased in numbers; the prairie dog especially is a pest in the alfalfa fields of the arid lands (as are pocket-gophers at places in the east).

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After unsuccessful attempts to rid themselves of the mice, the farmers appealed to the United States Biological Survey, and alfalfa hay poisoned with strychnia sulphate was used successfully in the Humboldt Valley in January 1908 and in the Carson Valley, where a similar plague threatened, in April 1908.5 Minerals.

The smell of alfalfa and leather soothed her nerves.

Carmen left Alex with the doe and ducked into the dairy, returning with a scoop of alfalfa pellets she distributed in the long narrow feed trough along the wall.

Cereals, alfalfa and fruit are raised in the surrounding country.

Excellent horses are reared in the uplands, as well as mules and cattle, the pasturage on the mountain slopes being good, and alfalfa being grown in abundance in many districts.

The live-stock industry showed a tendency to decline after 1890, and the dairy industry also, despite various things - notably irrigation and alfalfa culture - that have favoured them.

Among the many economic plants which have been introduced into Chile and have become important additions to her resources, the more prominent are wheat, barley, hemp and alfalfa (Medicago sativa), together with the staple European fruits, such as the apple, pear, peach, nectarine, grape, fig, olive and orange.