Sentence Examples with the word aleutian islands

Sea-otters are only found upon the rocky shores of certain parts of the North Pacific Ocean, especially the Aleutian Islands and Alaska, extending as far south on the American coast as The Sea-Otter (Latax, or Enhydra, lutris).

The Aleutian Islands are almost destitute of trees, but are covered with a luxuriant growth of herbage.

In the Bering Sea the trough north of Buldir in the Aleutian Islands sinks to 2237 fathoms, and in the Sea of Okhotsk, north-west of the Kuriles, to 1859 fathoms. Similar conditions prevail in the East China Sea and the Andaman Sea.

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The Aleutian Islands consequently belonged to Russia, until that country in 1867 transferred to the United States all its possessions in America.

Further north, the Aleutian islands offer a line of easy sea passage, while in north-east Asia, near Bering's Strait, live Chukchi tribes who carry on intercourse with the American side.

Of Alaska Peninsula, consists of the Semidi, Shumagin and Sannak clusters; (2) the Aleutian Islands sweeping 1200 m.

Siberian fur hunters at once flocked to the Commander Islands and gradually moved eastward across the Aleutian Islands to the mainland.

The Aleutian Range, of whose crest the Aleutian Islands are remnants, fills out the system near the coast.

In 1883 she was appointed special agent to allot lands to the Omaha tribes, in 1884 prepared and sent to the New Orleans Exposition an exhibit showing the progress of civilization among the Indians of North America in the quarter-century previous, in 1886 visited the natives of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands on a mission from the commissioner of education, and in 1887 was United States special agent in the distribution of lands among the Winnebagoes and Nez Perces.

The Aleutian Islands gradually became known in the pursuit of this trade, through Michael Novidiskov (1745) and his successors, and it was not until Captain James Cook, working from the south, explored the sea and strait in 1778 that the tide of discovery set farther northward.