Sentence Examples with the word alert

An alert popped up on the screen before her as well as on her micro, and she opened it.

She perched on the edge of one table, fidgeting hands in her lap and bright features alert as she focused on some point on the screen.

The fever had left him, and while he looked pale beneath his cocoa skin, he was alert and his speech coherent.

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The Lives are not in the true sense biographical, but rather picturesque impressions of leading representatives of an attitude of mind full of curiosity, alert and versatile, but lacking scientific method, preferring the external excellence of style and manner to the solid achievements of serious writing.

In his later years his small alert figure was one of the most distinguished in the society of Berlin, and every honour open to a man of letters was conferred upon him.

His genius was unusually rich and versatile; his artistic conscience always alert and sober.

By the time this cautious search is over, a stout iron-bound bucket, precisely like a well-bucket, has been attached to one end of the whip; while the other end, being stretched across the deck, is there held by two or three alert hands.

It will alert you when you have mice or termites.

Whether or not it translated or whether her voice was enough to alert him, all eyes fell to her before the conversation resumed.

Mill could now feel that his main work was accomplished; he remained, however, on the alert for opportunities of useful influence, and pressed on with hardly diminished enthusiasm in his search for useful truth.