Sentence Examples with the word aldehyde

Thiele (Ber., 1905, 3 8, p. 4 1 54) from (-chlorpropionic aldehyde diethyl acetal.

With ammonia, benzaldehyde does not form an aldehyde ammonia, but condenses to hydrobenzamide, (C 6 H 5 CH) 3 N 2, with elimination of water.

It is equal to the sum of the thermal effects of the aldehyde and carbonyl groups.

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Symmetrical (1.3.5) trinitrobenzene is formed by the further nitration of meta-dinitrobenzene with fuming sulphuric and nitric acids; by the action of hydrochloric acid on sodium malonyl aldehyde (H.

Riiber (Ber., 1902, 35, p. 2411; 1904, 37, P. 22 74), by oxidizing diphenyl-2.4-cyclo-butane-bismethylene malonic acid (fron cinnamic aldehyde and malonic acid in the presence of quinoline) with potassium permanganate.

He prepared the cyanhydrins of glucose and fructose, hydrolysed them to the corresponding oxy-acids, from which the hydroxy groups were split out by reduction; it was found that glucose yielded normal heptylic acid and fructose methylbutylacetic acid; hence glucose is an aldehyde alcohol, CH 2 OH (CH OH) 4 CHO, whilst fructose is a ketone alcohol CH 2 OH (CH OH) 3 CO.

Cumic aldehyde (cuminol), (CH 3) 2 CH(1) C 6 H.

Impure inactive forms result on the polymerization of glycollic aldehyde and also on the oxidation of erythrite, a tetrahydric alcohol found in some lichens.

The reaction is a perfectly general one, for the aniline may be replaced by other aromatic amines and the aldehyde by other aldehydes, and so a large number of quinoline homologues may be prepared in this way.

The aldehyde group also reacts with phenyl hydrazine to form two phenylhydrazones; under certain conditions a hydroxyl group adjacent to the aldehyde group is oxidized and glucosazone is produced; this glucosazone is decomposed by hydrochloric acid into phenyl hydrazine and the keto-aldehyde glucosone.