Sentence Examples with the word alchemy

Another legend, also to be found in Arabic sources, asserts that alchemy was revealed by God to Moses and Aaron.

The Development of Chemistry in Recent Times appeared in 1871-1874, and in 1886 he published a work in two volumes on Alchemy in Ancient and Modern Times.

He pored over books on occult philosophy; he busied himself with alchemy and astrology.

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Homes as The Alchemy of Happiness (Albany, N.Y., 1873); the ethical work 0 Child, ed.

The second group consists of a number of treatises professing to be written by Jaber, celebrated in Latin alchemy as Geber.

But the further development of alchemy took place in the West rather than in the East.

Much bibliographical and other information about the later writers on alchemy is contained in Bibliotheca Chemica (2 vols., Glasgow, 1906), a catalogue by John Ferguson of the books in the collection of James Young of Kelly (printed for private distribution).

Chemistry proper was not understood, but Arabian writings on alchemy led Europe to it later.

His scientific interests are attested by his letter to Hypatia in which occurs the earliest known reference to areometry, and by a work on alchemy in the form of a commentary on pseudo-Democritus.

Thus he says that the silver which has been changed into gold by the projection of the red elixir is not rendered resistant to the agents which affect silver but not gold, and Albertus Magnus in his De Mineralibus - the De Alchemia attributed to him is spurious - states that alchemy cannot change species but merely imitates them - for instance, colours a metal white to make it resemble silver or yellow to give it the appearance of gold.