Sentence Examples with the word alarmingly

As the egg passes at last through the alarmingly distended neck, the snake makes some slight contortions and the swelling collapses, the shell having been filed through by the saw-like apparatus.

Crime became alarmingly common, and the city government was too corrupt and inefficient to repress it.

The life of society, now alarmingly unstable and ruthlessly cfuel, was symbolized by the dance macabre painted on the walls of the cemeteries; the sombre and tragic art of the I5th century, having lost the fine balance life shown by that of the I3th, gave expression in its mournful realism to the general state of exhaustion.

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The majority of heads, gills or throats, sides or flanks, paws and pieces of skins cut up in the fur workshops of Great Britain, America and France, weighing many tons, are chiefly exported to Leipzig, and made up in neighbouring countries and Greece, where labour can be obtained at an alarmingly low rate.