Sentence Examples with the word alacrity

In 1867 the Magyars accepted with alacrity this role in Hungary, the eastern half of the Dual Monarchy, while in the Cisleithanian territories the cooperation of the Poles was also sought.

The alacrity with which the greater part of the baronage flocked in to do him homage confirmed him in the mistaken notion.

The first stone was laid in 1446, and the work was carried on with so much alacrity that mass was performed in it by the close of 1450.

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A number of brisk young men began with remarkable alacrity to tidy up the goods that remained disturbed.

The minister had an alacrity of spirit that helped minimize the weight he carries.

She rose with alacrity and moved away.

The best recognized function of German astronomers in that day was the construction of prophesying almanacs, greedily bought by a credulous public. Kepler thus found that the first duties required of him were of an astrological nature, and set himself with characteristic alacrity to master the rules of the art as laid down by Ptolemy and Cardan.

The smaller states followed with alacrity in the steps of the two leading powers.