Sentence Examples with the word akhenaton

Meanwhile the great work at Karnak projected by his father was going forward, and throughout Egypt the injuries done to the monuments by Akhenaton were thoroughly repaired; the erased inscriptions and figures were restored, not without many blunders.

Peet, resulted in interesting discoveries, some of which tend to show that the cult of the Aten or Solardisk was not so rigidly enforced by the heretic king Akhenaton as has been supposed, and that ordinary people were allowed to worship other gods than the sun-disk, at any rate in connexion with funerary ceremonies.

The burst of naturalism under Akhenaton resulted in some marvellous portraiture, of which the fragment of a queens head (Plate IV.

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C. imported pottery found in the palace of Akhenaton at Tell elAmarna, some heavy blows had fallen on the island power.

And under Akhenaton this was pervaded by an entire naturalism of posture, as seen in the two little princesses (Plate IV.