Sentence Examples with the word airy

The so-called mysticism of the Persian Sufis is less intense and practical, more airy and literary in character.

It shows that a flying machine need not necessarily be a light, airy structure exposing an immoderate amount of surface.

Trans., 1838, 6, 141), who, while improving the theory, left a more complete solution to be made in 1838 by Sir George Biddell Airy (Camb.

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In 1872 Airy conceived the idea of treating the lunar theory in a new way, and at the age of seventy-one he embarked on the prodigious toil which this scheme entailed.

It thrives best on a dry, deep, sandy loam, on airy sheltered sites at no great elevation above the sea.

She hadn't thought it so cramped, but it was, compared to Xander's spacious, airy condo.

A satisfactory explanation of these bands were first given by Airy (Phil.

Hutt (1872); Memoirs of the Life of Eleanor Gwinn (1752); Burnet, History of My Own Time, part i., edited by Osmund Airy (Oxford, 1897); Louise de Keroualle, Duchess of Portsmouth, by H.

It is a large town with wide and airy streets, and is adorned with pagodas, gateways and other buildings of considerable pretension.

George Airy was educated first at elementary schools in Hereford, and afterwards at Colchester Grammar School.