Sentence Examples with the word airs

Now the tsar of Muscovy and of all Russia adopted the airs and methods of a Tatar khan and surrounded himself with the pomp and splendours of a Byzantine emperor.

His autocratic airs and his ostentatious preference for his confidantsof whom he made the one earl of Suffolk and the other marquess of Dublinprovoked both lords and commons.

I pity the poor husband, that little officer who gives himself the airs of a monarch.

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He held extreme Catholic views and wrote on the most risque subjects; he gave himself aristocratic airs and hinted at a mysterious past, though his parentage was entirely bourgeois and his youth very hum-drum and innocent.

The belfry which rises in the centre of the facade dates from the end of the 13th century; it has long been famous for its chime of bells, but the civic fathers have caused modern airs to be substituted for the old hymn.

The envious but graphic description of his demeanour conveyed to us by Bishop Kennet attests the real dignity of his position no less than the airs he thought fit to assume in consequence.

Bernstorff irritated him by his grand airs of conscious superiority.

He was not much impressed by the appearance of his illustrious charge, and thought that the airs of Napoleon and his suite were ridiculous.

Dissensions and began to fall to pieces, they assumed airs of independence, intrigued with the insubordinate Tatar generals, retained for their own use the tribute collected for the grand khan, and finally put themselves at the head of the patriotic movement which aimed at throwing off completely the hated Mongol yoke.

The count of Provence gave himself the airs of a regent and surrounded himself with a ministry.