Sentence Examples with the word ain't

The Lakeman now patrolled the barricade, all the while keeping his eye on the Captain, and jerking out such sentences as these:--'It's not our fault; we didn't want it; I told him to take his hammer away; it was boy's business; he might have known me before this; I told him not to prick the buffalo; I believe I have broken a finger here against his cursed jaw; ain't those mincing knives down in the forecastle there, men? look to those handspikes, my hearties.

I ain't even gonna point her in the right direction to the library, much less do her work for her.

Aye, you are the chap, ain't ye, that heard the hum of the old Quakeress's knitting-needles fifty miles at sea from Nantucket; you're the chap.

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They're all dead now, in one way or another, if they ain't found Jesus.

I'm bressed if he ain't more of shark dan Massa Shark hisself, muttered the old man, limping away; with which sage ejaculation he went to his hammock.

It was just a garage that rents old junkers and they ain't particular.

If you ain't here, Corday and the police can't ask you questions you might not want to answer, like what's Cynthia's Indiana address.

And I ain't seen my ma in a long time.

It ain't happening, sister.

Some of the guys figure a dumb trick like a midnight swim ain't so surprising for a Yankee with a snoot full.