Sentence Examples with the word ailing

The Persian campaigns wore out the feeble health of Peter, who had been ailing for some time.

Backed by this force he seems to have persuaded the ailing caliph to designate him as his successor.

They are dipped in water, which is given to ailing cattle and human beings as a sovereign remedy for diseases.

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From about 1796 Ampere gave private lessons at Lyons in mathematics, chemistry and languages; and in 1801 he removed to Bourg, as professor of physics and chemistry, leaving his ailing wife and infant son at Lyons.

Nestorius was already old and ailing and must have died very soon after.

Accordingly, on the 10th of June, the weak and ailing tsarevich received twentyfive strokes with the knout (as then administered nobody ever survived thirty), and on the 24th fifteen more.

Like his father, Philip understood how to make capital out of the quarrels of the aged and ailing Henry II.