Sentence Examples with the word agricola

Across, which Agricola had fortified before him.

His father, Julius Graecinus, having been put to death by Caligula, Agricola was brought up by his mother Julia Procilla.

He subdued the Silures, and held the other native tribes in check till he was superseded by Agricola (78).

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His jealousy was provoked by the successes of Agricola in Britain, who was recalled to Rome (85) in the midst of his conquests, condemned to retirement, and perhaps removed by poison.

Julius Agricola about A.D.

Bar Hill, the most completely explored, covers three acres - nearly five times as much as the earlier fort of Agricola on the same site.

In 1520 he had brought out a primer of religion dealing briefly with the Decalogue, the Creed and the Lord's Prayer; and Justus Jonas, Johannes Agricola and other leaders had done something of the same kind.

In 78 Agricola went to Britain, and both extended and consolidated the Roman dominion in that province, pushing his arms into North Wales and the Isle of Anglesey.

A very agricola laboriosus was I to travellers bound westward through Lincoln and Wayland to nobody knows where; they sitting at their ease in gigs, with elbows on knees, and reins loosely hanging in festoons; I the home-staying, laborious native of the soil.

The Romans first invaded Caledonia under Agricola (about A.D.