Sentence Examples with the word agonizing

An agonizing bleat from the next stall indicated all was not well there.

She dropped back to her pillow and yawned The sound caught her by surprise - a blood-curdling scream that could be nothing less than a woman in agonizing pain.

Another agonizing hour passed before a doctor finally came out to talk to them.

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It varies in intensity, being often of the most agonizing character, or less severe and more of a tingling kind.

Moreover, he was crippled by incipient disease of the brain, which at first inflicted unconquerable lassitude and depression, and latterly agonizing pain.

Only grief and agonizing pain remained.

She sank to his chest, consumed by agonizing sobs.

The car came to a stop as a long agonizing sob erupted from her lungs.

The agonizing memories ruptured to the surface at last, forcing a long overdue reaction.

In spite of an agonizing pulse, she responded flippantly.